Friday, October 25, 2013

Artists at Magnolia: Guy Diehl, Claudia Marseille

Local artists Guy Diehl and Claudia Marseille were at Magnolia Editions this week, employing both brand new and time-honored processes to create artwork.

Claudia used our freshly installed UV-cured acrylic flatbed printer to print enlarged versions of her layered encaustic paintings, using panels layered with modeling paste and gesso to create a richly textured surface:

Claudia Marseille at Magnolia with prints on textured panel, with a tapestry by Masami Teraoka

Claudia's impressive socks!

Master printer Tallulah Terryll prepares panels for printing on Magnolia's new UV-cured flatbed printer

Detail of prints on panel by Claudia Marseille

Claudia Marseille with print on panel and Nick Stone's dog Shelly

Detail of print on panel by Claudia Marseille

Shelly admiring a print on panel by Claudia Marseille

Meanwhile, still life master Guy Diehl used another marvel of modern technology – the paintbrush – to hand-color a series of small etchings, scrutinizing each print through a loupe to perfect the tiniest details:

Guy Diehl hand-colors etchings at Magnolia

A view of the world through Guy's eyes

The tools of Guy Diehl's trade

More art by Guy Diehl from Magnolia Editions

Claudia Marseille (Artist's website)

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