Friday, October 4, 2019

Kiki Smith "I Am a Wanderer" at Modern Art Oxford, London

Installation view of tapestries and sculpture by Kiki Smith at Modern Art Oxford. Photo by Ben Westoby © Kiki Smith

"I Am a Wanderer," a retrospective exhibition of prints, sculptures, and tapestries by Kiki Smith, is currently on view at Modern Art Oxford in London.

The exhibition is curated by Petra Giloy-Hirtz and runs from September 28, 2019 through January 19, 2020.

Giloy-Hirtz writes:

In these works, a menagerie of real and mystical creatures, delicate plants and shooting stars are presented to us in an astonishing abundance of materials. Endlessly inventive, Smith has fashioned animal assortments in bronze, shells from gold, frogs from coloured glass, birds from beads, sea creatures from ink and flowers from precious silver. Exquisitely detailed etchings and drawings can also be seen alongside large-scale tapestries depicting empowered goddesses traveling through wild forests and starlit skies.

Magnolia Editions is the publisher of Kiki Smith's tapestries; to date, the artist has created twelve woven editions with Magnolia.

Please visit Magnolia's website to see more tapestries by Kiki Smith, or order the catalog Kiki Smith: Tapestries here.

For more information on the "I Am a Wanderer" exhibition including hours and admission details, please visit Modern Art Oxford.