Friday, May 31, 2013

Studio photos: May 2013

Master printer Tallulah Terryll applies glaze to ceramic tests for an upcoming public installation project in the New York City subway system by Chuck Close

Even during the renovation and construction of our new gallery space, the staff at Magnolia has been hard at work on ceramics, tapestries, prints on aluminum, laser-cut woodblock prints, and acrylic prints on calcium carbonate with artists like Squeak Carnwath, Chuck Close, Hung Liu, John Buck, and Kiki Smith.

Here are a few choice shots of artists, staff, and artworks from the studio this month:

CMYK color separation test for Cecily, a 2013 watercolor print edition by Chuck Close

Hung Liu adds acrylic touches by hand to her 2013 tapestry edition, 九月 (September)

An untitled 1987 monotype by the great Sam Tchakalian, discovered during Magnolia's renovation

Studio tech Maya Bush works on a woodblock for an edition by John Buck

Proofs of a new tapestry by Kiki Smith and a watercolor print by Chuck Close

Detail from a new tapestry by Kiki Smith

Master printer Tallulah Terryll adjusts a print file for Hung Liu (photo by Liu, titled "Young Master")

Liu's deer was printed on CNC-cut aluminum panel using Magnolia's UV-cured acrylic printer

Hung Liu, builder Gary Johnson, Era Farnsworth and Marisha Farnsworth consider a scale model of Magnolia's new gallery space; Liu's deer print on aluminum hangs behind them

Maya Bush and Tallulah Terryll prepare ceramic tiles for Chuck Close's subway project

The highly-anticipated "Cinco de Mayo" tests, which emerged from the kiln on the 5th of May, for Close's subway project

Working on John Buck's woodcuts.
From left: Dana Hartstone, Hunter Buck, John Buck, Deborah Butterfield, and printer Nicholas Price

Maya Bush and Ken Jensen work on woodblocks for John Buck

Maya Bush prepares Chuck Close's tapestry Roy, a portrait of artist Roy Lichtenstein