Friday, April 29, 2011

Kamau Patton at Studio Museum in Harlem

Kamau Patton with new work printed at Magnolia Editions; photo courtesy of Dominic Hackley

Artist Kamau Patton, who recently received the prestigious SECA Award, has a residency at the Studio Museum in Harlem this year. In July, he will present a residency show including several prints created at Magnolia Editions.

Patton sent over these photos from a recent open studios – we look forward to seeing the show!

photo courtesy of Dominic Hackley

Kamau Patton website

Studio Harlem website with more details on Patton's residency

More new work from Magnolia Editions

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Farnsworth Specimens catalog

To correspond with Donald Farnsworth's upcoming show at the Nevada Museum of Art, Magnolia Editions has re-designed and published a new and improved catalog of his Origin: Specimens series.

Handsomely printed by Solstice Press, the 74 pp. book includes images of the entire Origin series and essays by Farnsworth and Nick Stone.

spread from the Origin: Specimens catalog

Each print in Farnsworth's Origin: Specimens series combines a chapter from Charles Darwin's seminal On the Origin of Species with a digitally imaged, hyper-realistic rendering of an animal, bird, or insect specimen.

The artist notes in his introduction that his intent is to address the viewer's natural curiosity and intelligence, rather than trying to 'sell' any particular idea:
Regardless of our religious beliefs, we all inhabit a world where most of the images we encounter on a daily basis are designed by corporations to sell us something. The art world is not immune to the rise of the corporate state: even in the day-to-day operation of Magnolia Editions, I and my staff interact with corporations operating within a value system which assumes an audience of myopic, conformist viewers. Ultimately, my goal with this series is to create images divorced from this commercial context, which instead emphasize observation, literacy, and aesthetics.

spread from the Origin: Specimens catalog, showing a detail from one of Farnsworth's prints

Please contact Magnolia Editions or the Nevada Museum of Art for pricing and availability.

The Origin: Specimens series will be exhibited from April 30 - August 28, 2011 in the Nevada Museum of Art's Feature Gallery North.

See the Origin: Specimens series and more work by Donald Farnsworth at Magnolia Editions

Monday, April 18, 2011

New Chuck Close tapestry edition

Chuck Close - Lucas, 2011
Jacquard tapestry, 87 x 74 in. Edition of 6

Chuck Close's first tapestry edition of 2011 is a portrait of the groundbreaking artist Lucas Samaras, who (like Close) is perhaps best known for his self-portraits. Samaras's work often involves one of Close's favorite photographic media – the Polaroid, which Samaras manipulates in innovative ways to produce "photo-transformations."

Close’s Lucas is woven at a more intimate size than his previous tapestries, and the unprecedented detail in its matte surface is due to a higher thread count and a new palette which includes wool fibers for several of the black values in the work. With darker blacks and brighter whites than any of Magnolia’s previous tapestry publications, this work has an exceptionally photographic quality appropriate to its subject.

Like his other tapestry editions depicting fellow artists and creative figures, Close's tapestry portrait of Samaras was digitally translated from a daguerreotype. Together with Cindy Sherman and Andres Serrano, also subjects of Close tapestries, and the painter Alex Katz (another artist who has created a tapestry with Magnolia Editions), these two artists are largely responsible for redefining contemporary portraiture: the extraordinary detail of Close's image and the sheer intensity of Samaras's gaze leave no doubt that both artist and subject are masters of their craft.

Chuck Close - Lucas Press Release (PDF, 179 Kb)

More art by Chuck Close at Magnolia Editions


Here is a nice high resolution photo of Lucas at White Cube Gallery's booth at the Armory Fair in New York last month, courtesy of (check their site for more photos from the fair):

photo by L. Streeter, - click to enlarge

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Elisabeth Sunday at the studio

Elisabeth Sunday at Magnolia Editions

Artist Elisabeth Sunday has been printing images at Magnolia from a recent trip to the Omo River Valley in Ethiopia.

Sunday, who has also worked in Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Australia, and Thailand, achieves the surreal effects in her imagery by photographing the reflections of her subjects in custom built mirrors.

Elisabeth Sunday inspects a print

You can see more of her photographs at Elisabeth Sunday: Mirror Photography, or read her fascinating accounts of working in Africa at her Field Notes Africa blog.

Sunday speaks about her work to Jack Fulton's class from the San Francisco Art Institute

Her most recent body of work will be included in "Elisabeth Sunday: New Works From Africa," an exhibition running from May 12 - July 4, 2011 at Gallery 291 in San Francisco. Please check the Gallery 291 website for further information.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Chuck Close at the Fullerton Museum

"Chuck Close: Portraits," a show of work by Chuck Close including seven tapestries published by Magnolia Editions, will be exhibited through May 25, 2011 at the Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art at Cal State San Bernardino.

An opening reception will be held this Thursday, April 14, from 5 - 7 pm.

For directions, hours, and other visiting information, please consult the RAFFMA website.

More art by Chuck Close at Magnolia Editions

Experimenting at EcoTruc

Donald Farnsworth uses a blowtorch to test a new technique at EcoTruc in Oakland

This morning, Magnolia's Donald Farnsworth headed across the street to EcoTruc to test a new experimental printmaking technique.

Bob Conway, Farnsworth, and Jerry Kung

The results

Thanks to Jerry Kung, who rebuilds old trucks with new electric motors at EcoTruc, for facilitating this test.

An electric truck under construction

Custom parts for the truck's bumper were cut on Magnolia's laser cutter

Jerry Kung

Even though today's test was "so far, so bad," the technique has great promise and experiments will surely continue!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mildred Howard Day and Ed Roberts Campus opening

Mildred Howard, John Moore, and Howard's daughter Timiza Joseph at Berkeley City Hall

On Tuesday, March 29th, the city of Berkeley honored artist and activist Mildred Howard with a proclamation declaring March 29th to be Mildred Howard Day.

Donald Farnsworth was on hand at City Hall and took these pictures commemorating the occasion:

Howard after the ceremony

A large crowd of diverse ages came to honor Howard...

...standing room only!

Sam Bennett, Era Farnsworth, Ray Saunders, and Tallulah Terryll after the ceremony

Then on Saturday, April 9th, Berkeley celebrated the opening of Ed Roberts Campus by the Ashby BART station.

A very well-attended opening

The new building features a tile installation bearing imagery by various artists and fabricated at Magnolia Editions. Photos below courtesy of Donald Farnsworth:

Era Farnsworth checks out the tile installation

Ceramic tiles fabricated at Magnolia Editions

More ceramic tiles fabricated at Magnolia Editions

Still more ceramic tiles fabricated at Magnolia Editions

Congratulations to Fran Valesco, the tile project coordinator, and to the team at Magnolia Editions, especially Tallulah Terryll, for making the tile project a success!

Art by Mildred Howard at Magnolia Editions

More public art fabricated at Magnolia Editions

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oropallo event at Gallery 16

New work from the "Tale Spin" series by Deborah Oropallo

Tonight, Thursday April 7th at 6:30 pm, in conjunction with Deborah Oropallo's "Tale Spin" exhibition at Gallery 16, the gallery will host a special performance by dance, theater, and drag artist Fauxnique followed by a conversation between Oropallo and local author and critic Glen Helfand.

Performance artist Fauxnique

"Tale Spin" runs through April 30 at Gallery 16; the works in "Tale Spin," several of which incorporate elements printed at Magnolia Editions, find Oropallo drawing from traditional fairy tales to explore themes of fear, fantasy, and eroticism.

Images of Oropallo working on a piece from "Tale Spin" at Magnolia earlier this year

More art by Deborah Oropallo at Magnolia Editions

Gallery 16 website

Rupert Garcia catalogue now available

Magnolia Editions is pleased to announce the publication of a catalogue concurrent with Rupert Garcia's exhibition at the de Young Museum: Rupert Garcia: The Magnolia Editions Projects 1991-2011.

Whereas the de Young show includes a small selection of works, this 120 page catalogue is more comprehensive, featuring images of every single artwork created by Garcia over twenty years of collaboration and experimentation at Magnolia.

Rupert Garcia: The Magnolia Editions Projects 1991-2011 also features introductory remarks by curator Karin Breuer and Magnolia director Donald Farnsworth, as well as a new essay entitled "Images Are Not Neutral" by poet, critic, and curator John Yau.

The catalogue is now available from Magnolia Editions; it can also be found at Rena Bransten Gallery, now featuring a show of Garcia's silkscreen posters, or at the de Young Museum bookstore (discount for de Young members).

Artwork by Rupert Garcia at Magnolia Editions