Monday, July 18, 2011


Rupert Garcia - Tsunami, 2011
Woodcut with acrylic; 13.75 x 36.25 in. (Paper 29.75 x 41.75 in) Edition of 16

Rupert Garcia’s Tsunami combines one of the most venerated traditional printmaking techniques, the woodcut, with the precision and boundless color possibilities of the digital age.

The work has antecedents in Garcia’s iconic Frida Kahlo woodcut of 2002 and the many mixed-media works he has produced at Magnolia Editions in subsequent years, as demonstrated in the recent “Rupert Garcia: the Magnolia Editions Projects 1991-2011” exhibition at San Francisco’s de Young Museum.

Garcia’s work is often topical, taking inspiration from contemporary events or drawing connections between historical figures and situations. Here his imagery evokes the Touhoku earthquake and tsunami which devastated eastern Japan in 2011, the most destructive natural disaster in the country’s history.

You can read more about both the content and the creation of this edition in the Press Release on Magnolia's website.

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