Friday, July 1, 2011

Deborah Oropallo at the studio

Deborah Oropallo painting at Magnolia

Today found Deborah Oropallo once again breaking down the boundaries of painting and printmaking to create works which defy genre.

Donald Farnsworth worked with Oropallo to generate a unique texture on several canvases, which she then printed, painted, re-printed and re-painted with layers of digitally manipulated imagery sourced from fetish catalogues and 18th century portraiture.

Deborah Oropallo and Don Farnsworth; in the foreground, textured canvas on the press

Deborah Oropallo makes digital adjustments

Deborah Oropallo and Don Farnsworth

Don Farnsworth inspects an experimental mixed-media work by Oropallo

(All photos by Nick Stone)

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