Thursday, January 20, 2011

Magnolia on YouTube

Just a reminder to check out Magnolia Editions' YouTube Channel for videos from the studio. If you have a YouTube account, please subscribe to our channel for automatic updates!

More art from Chuck Close at Magnolia Editions


RISE Berlin blog said...

I recently saw one of the Chuck Close self portraits in a private collection recently and I was blown away the surface is sublime almost velvety. I would never have imagined it possible to get such subtlety and emotion in a tapestry. To see the process adds a new dimension too.

Magnolia Editions said...

Thanks for commenting! I wonder which Close tapestry you saw. They are so different in person... seeing a reproduction on the web, even video, just isn't the same.

Enjoying the art images on your blog.

Thanks again!

RISE Berlin blog said...

The tapestry I saw was one of the monochrome self portraits at a friends house in Istanbul. I remember a while back seeing some Chuck Close Daguerreotypes at White Cube in London of similar images.
On a separate note I also used to study printmaking at St.Martins with Faisal (before he was Faisal) small world !!
Thanks for the nice comments about our blog we endeavor to show interesting art at our space here in Berlin.