Monday, January 24, 2011

Artists at Magnolia: Rupert Garcia and Elena Dorfman

Donald Farnsworth and Rupert Garcia with Garcia's Obama From Douglass (2010)

Artists Rupert Garcia and Elena Dorfman worked at Magnolia Editions today...

Dorfman worked on an upcoming edition of photographic prints mounted on aluminum:

Elena Dorfman with new work

Tallulah Terryll and Elena Dorfman

Meanwhile, Garcia and Donald Farnsworth were interviewed for an upcoming Bay Package Productions documentary on Garcia, linked to the artist's show at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, "Rupert Garcia: the Magnolia Editions Projects 1991-2011," opening on February 19.

More art by Rupert Garcia from Magnolia Editions

Elena Dorfman - artist's website

Bay Package Productions

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