Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rob Keller, Amy Ernst, Squeak Carnwath, George Miyasaki at the studio

Rob Keller at Magnolia Editions

Artists Rob Keller and Amy Ernst worked on print projects at Magnolia today; Squeak Carnwath also stopped by with her dog Vermeer, and George Miyasaki pulled some collagraph proofs.

You may remember Keller's tapestry of mummified bees, which numbers among the earliest tapestry editions published by Magnolia. Keller continues to make art involving (or perhaps in collaboration with) his bees; his most recent series of prints depict an experiment in which he released a feral colony of bees into a Victorian dollhouse.

Art by Rob Keller: feral bees in a dollhouse!

Art by Rob Keller

Art by Rob Keller

Keller also created some bee-inspired wallpaper, printing directly on a specially coated roll of wallpaper from Magnolia's large-format inkjet printers:

Bee wallpaper by Rob Keller

Bee wallpaper by Rob Keller

Meanwhile New York-based artist Amy Ernst managed to miss the East Coast earthquake (and catch the West Coast quake!) by spending this week working at Magnolia with printer Tallulah Terryll.

Amy Ernst at Magnolia with one of her artist's books

This visit finds Ernst (granddaughter of famed Surrealist Max Ernst) incorporating more imagery printed on the flatbed acrylic printer and mixing media with great aplomb.

Ernst is using the flatbed printer to enlarge, modify, and re-work imagery from various sources, including an extraordinary artist's book she finished earlier this year:

Artist's book pages by Amy Ernst

Artist's book pages by Amy Ernst

Cover of artist's book by Amy Ernst

Detail of art in progress by Amy Ernst

Detail of art in progress by Amy Ernst

Art in progress by Amy Ernst

Squeak Carnwath also came by to make a poster for her upcoming show at Sylvia White Gallery.

Donald Farnsworth, Squeak Carnwath, and Carnwath's dog Vermeer

Amy Ernst and Carnwath's dog Vermeer quickly became friends:

Squeak Carnwath's dog Vermeer and Amy Ernst

Vermeer and Ernst

A delicious lunch of Salvadoran food followed, after which Keller and Carnwath returned to their respective studios.

Later, George Miyasaki arrived to proof one of his signature collagraph plates with printers Brian Caraway and Nicholas Price.

Brian Caraway (back to camera), Donald Farnsworth, George Miyasaki, Amy Ernst, and Tallulah Terryll

Miyasaki and Farnsworth consider Miyasaki's latest print (with a woodcut by Rupert Garcia in the background)

No, Miyasaki Dark is not a band name -- it's the special blend of ink for Miyasaki's collagraph plates

Caraway and Price pull a proof

Miyasaki and Caraway compare notes

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