Monday, April 18, 2011

New Chuck Close tapestry edition

Chuck Close - Lucas, 2011
Jacquard tapestry, 87 x 74 in. Edition of 6

Chuck Close's first tapestry edition of 2011 is a portrait of the groundbreaking artist Lucas Samaras, who (like Close) is perhaps best known for his self-portraits. Samaras's work often involves one of Close's favorite photographic media – the Polaroid, which Samaras manipulates in innovative ways to produce "photo-transformations."

Close’s Lucas is woven at a more intimate size than his previous tapestries, and the unprecedented detail in its matte surface is due to a higher thread count and a new palette which includes wool fibers for several of the black values in the work. With darker blacks and brighter whites than any of Magnolia’s previous tapestry publications, this work has an exceptionally photographic quality appropriate to its subject.

Like his other tapestry editions depicting fellow artists and creative figures, Close's tapestry portrait of Samaras was digitally translated from a daguerreotype. Together with Cindy Sherman and Andres Serrano, also subjects of Close tapestries, and the painter Alex Katz (another artist who has created a tapestry with Magnolia Editions), these two artists are largely responsible for redefining contemporary portraiture: the extraordinary detail of Close's image and the sheer intensity of Samaras's gaze leave no doubt that both artist and subject are masters of their craft.

Chuck Close - Lucas Press Release (PDF, 179 Kb)

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Here is a nice high resolution photo of Lucas at White Cube Gallery's booth at the Armory Fair in New York last month, courtesy of (check their site for more photos from the fair):

photo by L. Streeter, - click to enlarge

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