Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Missing Peace in Sibiu, Romania

Work by Donald and Era Farnsworth, Lewis deSoto, and William T. Wiley

Donald and Era Farnsworth's Dharmakaya tapestry, Lewis deSoto's giant inflatable sculpture Paranirvana, and works by William T. Wiley and Chuck Close are included in "The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama," a traveling exhibition on view at Brukenthal Palace and the Evangelical Church in Sibiu, Romania until July 18, 2010.

The Farnsworths were in Romania to attend the opening of this ambitious show, made possible by the combined efforts of Darlene Markovich, Michelle Townsend, Ron Haak, Killian Doerr, Liviana Dan, and Anca Mihulet, and the crew of installers at Brukenthal Palace.

Much thanks also goes to Erwin Kessler, Maria Coffino, and Hanna Regev for their considerable assistance.

Below, the show invitation and photos of the show by the Farnsworths (click any image to enlarge).

UPDATE: A gallery of 140 photos from the show is now up at the Exhibitions section of Magnolia's website!

Invitation to the show

Work by Squeak Carnwath and the Starn twins

Work by Rupert Garcia (at right)

Work by Chuck Close (center)

The opening at the Evangelical Church

Era Farnsworth with head priest Killian Doerr

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