Monday, July 20, 2009

Adobe Airstream reviews Oropallo @ Turner Carroll

Deborah Oropallo - Pearl, 2009.
Permanent pigment print on aluminum. 81 x 51 in. Edition of 3

Ellen Berkovitch on Deborah Oropallo's recent prints on aluminum (printed at Magnolia Editions) at Turner Carroll, from Adobe Airstream magazine:

Taking on not landscape but the varietals of costume and fashion is the photographer [sic] Deborah Oropallo, whose show of polka dotty silhouettes that make up her digital prints on aluminum, Wild Wild West Show, at Turner-Carroll Gallery led Conrad to remark that there's some Sigmar Polke going on there. Can you compose a picture from the absence of parts? appears to be a question of this work. If the fashion world has established the turf of desire to be the sum of parts -- from Guess jeans to Chanel lipsticks, the icon in the picture reads as cheeks, sunglasses, lips, plumped up for the camera -- what then happens when the body is effectively rubbed out, a gone-missing of digital adjustment? The narrative accompanying this work describes that they are the silhouettes of rodeo clowns and queens, bull riders, with the bodies and heads smudged out. But as with anything that subtracts, the paradox is the doubling and tripling on the unconscious as after-image.

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