Monday, November 3, 2008

Review: Chuck Close tapestries at Barbara Davis Gallery

Douglas Britt offers a glowing review of Chuck Close's tapestry portraits at Barbara Davis Gallery in the Houston Chronicle:

The combination of scale and texture, along with the image's mix of crisply detailed and blurry areas, gives Kate a palpability that stops you in your tracks. Once you've caught your breath and moved closer, you get lost in the subtleties of woven light and shadow.


The tapestry floats like a classic Mark Rothko painting, but it's grown out of Close's decades of transposing photographic portraits to paintings, using grids to take images apart and then reconstruct them.

The fact that this time the reconstruction happened by digital methods rather than by hand doesn't leave the viewer cold — just the opposite.

Read the whole review here: Artist's portrait of Kate Moss dazzles.

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