Thursday, May 5, 2011

Artists at Magnolia

Magnolia director Donald Farnsworth with Stanford Art Department faculty Enrique Chagoya, Gail Wight, Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz, and Craig Weiss

Wednesday was another busy day at Magnolia in which a number of accomplished artists – who also teach at UC Berkeley and Stanford - visited the studio for printing and consulting.

Earlier in the day, artists and UC Berkeley alumni/faculty Aaron Maietta and Brody R. stopped by to do some amazing trompe-l'oeil prints:

Aaron Maietta and Brody R.

Trompe-l'oeil prints by Aaron Maietta and Brody R.

Those pieces of wood that appear to be sitting on the press are actually printed on a flat sheet of drywall!

Then later in the afternoon, Donald Farnsworth hosted a group from the Art & Art History Department at Stanford that included Enrique Chagoya, Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz, Gail Wight, and Craig Weiss.

As the Stanford Art Department finally moves into its new building, these faculty members looked to Farnsworth and Magnolia Editions for advice on setting up a state-of-the-art printmaking facility.

The group also took a break from their discussion to enjoy a print on aluminum panel created at Magnolia by Enrique Chagoya:

Farnsworth, Weiss, Chagoya, Martinez-Ruiz, and Wight

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