Monday, July 19, 2010

Selected reviews, photos, and appearances of Chuck Close tapestries

Chuck Close - Self Portrait/Five Part, 2009. Jacquard tapestry, 79 x 232 inches, Edition of 6

The Chuck Close tapestry editions published by Magnolia Editions have intrigued reporters, bloggers, art writers, and gallery-goers for several years now.

Since the publication of Philip Glass State I in 2005, Close's epic textile portraits have been pictured and discussed everywhere from magazines like W and TIME to blogs about opera and photography.

Magnolia has recently added a page to the Chuck Close section of its website with a selection of links to online press about the studio's publications by Close.

From podcasts to show reviews by both highbrow critics and amateur art aficionados, this selection offers a wide range of thoughtful responses to the Chuck Close tapestries, as well as some great photography (this flickr set, for example, or these images by Ralph Barrera).

Check out the links here:
Chuck Close - Articles, reviews, and photos

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