Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clare Rojas at Ikon Gallery, UK

Clare Rojas - We They, We They
Installation, 2010
photo by Stuart Whipps

The first UK museum exhibition by Clare Rojas is currently on view at Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, and features a work created with the help of Magnolia Editions, as well as some awesome works both large and small, and even paintings on antique banjos!

The Ikon Gallery website has a gallery of pictures of the show, which we highly recommend. It is an amazing looking installation and we only wish we could see it person. Rojas also has a suite of small paintings on calico and a new children's book called Pidgy for sale through Ikon's web store.

Below, some images from the fabrication of the piece Magnolia Editions collaborated on. Rojas brought in numerous older paintings on panel, which were chopped up using a CNC cutter and re-assembled in the style of a quilt. The final work is secured to the wall via a magnet system developed by Donald Farnsworth.

Installation photos: Stuart Whipps

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